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Hiring the right painting contractor for your latest painting job is an exciting, but important decision to consider. Many, so-called, “painters” out there, can deliver a reasonably good sales pitch, but the professional execution and proper completion of any painting project may not always match the initial, “perky pitch”.  
Here are the basics:
ALL painters in the State of California must be licensed and bonded and insured with Worker's Compensation Insurance. Carrying General Liability Insurance is also crucial, but not actually required by California State Law. The painting contractor must also carry Worker’s Compensation Insurance when employing any additional workers beyond himself or other company officers.
You can also go online at:
www.cslb.ca.gov and find out if a painting contractor’s license is current and in good standing. If a homeowner hires an unlicensed painting contractor who may also have undocumented workers, working on the property, the homeowner then opens themselves up to a myriad of possible complications, ranging from various citations and infractions, to the possibility of any number of legal issues or mechanic's liens that can arise from job site accidents/injuries, to worker payment disputes, etc.
But enough of the heavy stuff!
After confirming that your painting contractor meets the criteria stated above, here are some other points to consider:
What is the painter’s overall experience? How many years has he/she worked out in the field? Do they have a basic Painter’s Resume available or a photographic portfolio (before & after shots) of any of their previous jobs?
Any painter worth hiring will have at least a few - to many references available for you, upon request, and it is absolutely fine and commonplace to ask for them. If a painter can’t produce at least one qualified reference for you, and within at least 24 hrs, then do NOT hire that, “painter”, period!
The Contract:
One of the more common frustrations that can arise during the painting process is a basic misunderstanding of terms or differing expectations between the homeowner and the contractor about the job itself. Make sure that you and the painting contractor are always, “on the same page”, concerning preparation, final color selections, terms of progress payments, and the approximate start date and approximate completion date for your project.
Generally speaking, always try to remain, ‘consistently vigilant’ as well as, ‘pleasantly inquisitive’ concerning any questions or comments that may arise throughout the process, to insure the ultimate and happy success of your new painting job!
Finally:  “Considerate, responsible and on time”
From your first phone call or email with a potential painting contractor, their communication skills and professionalism should be consistent, and completely comfortable for you at all times.
These are people who will be spending a substantial amount of time in your home, and you will inevitably need to trust them a great deal. A reasonably good sense of humor, wit and sage perspective from the painting contractor doesn’t hurt either!
Finally, you need to feel confident, at ease, and have a firm sense of clarity as you begin your new paint job.
Olivieri Painting, Inc. does, in fact, meet and exceed all of the above criteria and has a fantastic track record with all of their clients, producing a vast range of repeat clients and fantastic referrals.
Please give us a call!
Steven Olivieri, President, will personally walk through your job with you and estimate the job, himself.