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Project Description-

We have hired Steve on numerous projects over the past year and a half. On this particular one, we had him come and do plastering on a room we had framed and put on the wallboard. He and a worker did a great job, everything was smooth and sanded perfectly.

Some of the other projects Steve has helped us on include:
We had him paint the exterior of a historic Craftsman home, which included multiple colors (5 total—restoring it to a color palette of the era), priming, sanding eaves, replacing broken wood slats and powerwashing. The house looks pristine and we have had many compliments on it.

We sandblasted the soffits and front porch ceiling to remove the old, cracked paint and restore the wood. Steve came in and painstakingly scraped and hand-sanded all the leftover paint, in the corners, etc., then polyurethaned the wood. He offered advice on stain and polyurethane, bringing several samples. We ended up going with just polyurethane in a semi-gloss finish. He and one other worker did the work.

We had used a contractor before who had done a very poor painting/plastering job (overspraying paint on our doors, fireplace mantle and hardwood floors). It was quick and shoddy work, like they were just trying to make a buck and it showed. Months after they had done all the plastering of numerous cracks (we have a hillside house), the cracks came back. Luckily we found Steve for the first time. He evaluated the situation, gave us recommendations on how it should have been done and then did all the work. His "clean-up" job was great. He fixed the cracks the proper way and we have had no problems since then. He also did some plastering at the top of a doorway that appeared crooked from the house shifting. This also looks great.
We had 10 new windows installed that had bullnose plastering around them. He fixed all the plastering to fill the gaps left by the new window and matched the existing bullnose. That was great.

He also sanded our door jambs to remove old paint and go down to the wood. This project isn't quite finished. Part of the issue is that we're working on a budget and so we only hire him when we're ready for him to do the work.
He worked with us on plastering our walls and fixing cracks in the kitchen. We're still not quite done, but will have him back when we're ready to work on the kitchen.

Member Comments:
What we like about Steve is that he takes pride in his work. He is very detail-oriented (you have to be a painter) and is considerate of your needs. He listens, offers helpful advice if asked, and is always positive, friendly and professional.
With Steve, he's a real person. You can talk to him and get honest answers that come from a person who has been doing this for over 30 years. He knows what he's talking about.
When we hire a people to work on our house, we look for someone we can connect with and who we can relate to. Steve is exactly that kind of person. We always enjoy working with him.

What we like about Steve is that he's really flexible, works with your schedule, and if you're a do-it-your-selfer like we are, he works with you, sometimes even side-by-side.

He's really focused when he works and is aware of the timing. For us, he has charged by the project. He'll send us an estimate of how long it will take and then he'll stick to that.
He's a rarity in this day and age.
Steve is the only call we're going to make for a painter/plasterer.

Project Description -

They repaired plaster walls after wallpaper removal and painted kitchen and bathroom. The walls are plaster and were somewhat damaged after the paper removal. They repaired them so well, that the walls have never looked so good. Very pleased with the painting also.

Member Comments:
Since I had used this company for a previous painting job, I was pleased to use them again. Their work is excellent. Everything was done in a professional manner. The owner and his staff are very personable, prompt, and efficient. The owner is also very good at helping to choose the correct color shade for the ambiance and light conditions in the room. I will certainly use the company again and recommend them highly.